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In regard to some inquiries about this very talented lady that I posted on my Facebook page many months ago:
Her name is Kristi Kalyn and she lives in the Fort Worth area. When I was doing my radio show, I received tremendous response to her recordings.  Kristi is not only beautiful, she is an awesome singer and songwriter.  She is constantly busy performing at the most noted venues in the Fort Worth/Dallas area as well as other cities throughout the world.  Kristi Kalyn never fails to capture an audience, regardless of the occasion.  She is an authentic “class-act” that I (and countless others) classify as being among the most talented performers in the entertainment business today.


Joe Bielinski
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Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame

Kristi Kalyn is the real deal.
Since her entry into the country music world I have publicly stated many times that  when Kristi Kalyn sings a country song, you can bet it’s been delivered to its utmost level of excellence. She puts 110 percent into all of her performances, and she is hands down truly one of my favorite female country artists not to mention a very faithful friend …


Ann Thompson Womack • President and CEO • Hank Thompson Enterprises

When we think of Kristi, our first thought is if we had a daughter we would ask God for it to be Kristi!  She has so many wonderful attributes.
She’s beautiful inside and out and has a special gift as a singer.

Her performances not only showcase her vocal ability but display strong emotion as well.  She is one of the few female singers that can pull off country songs normally intended to be sung by men.

We are so blessed having Kristi as a special part of our family!

We Love You Kristi